Pun(k) Names

During the heyday of punk it seemed almost de rigueur for band members to rename themselves with puntastic pseudonyms. Examples included: Polly Styrene, Nick Cash, Dee Generate, etc. However, there are many more that were never exploited in such fashion. So if anyone's looking to form/join a punk band any time in the future, here's a list of punning soubriquets to choose from (apologies if they've been used already...):

Rick O'Shea

Kay Ottick

Cliff Edge

Mike Hunt (as in "has anybody seen...")

Duncan Disorderly

Dawn Chorus

Robin Banks

Orson Cart (Orson Welles' brother)

Ron Des Vouz

Luke Sharp

Bill Board

Grace Notes (one for music-readers)

Claire De Loon

Terry Lean

Polly Filler

Victoria Cross (and her husband/brother George)

Gerry Attrick

Al Fresco

Dan De Lyon

Lee Shore (not just a nautical term, also a brilliant song by David Crosby)

Anna Key

Sydney Harber

Helen Bach

Monty Kahlo (Freda's brother)

Phil Attlee

April Showers

Cliff Hanger

Justin Case (and his cousin Justin Thyme)

Marshall Law

Norah Bone

Art Decco

Stan Dupp (and his brother Bill)

Hugh Mann

Alice Band

Dai Laffing

Ken Tuckey (brother of Len of Suzi Quatro fame)

Maurice Dancer

Gail Force-Winds

Milton Keanes

May Pole (and her brothers Lou & Thad)

Jay Walker

Carol Singer

Paddy Fields

Art Atack (dad of the "hunky" pin-up twins in Child)

Rick Shaw

Bella De Ball

Barry Tone

Gene Poole (and his twin sister Jean)

Jack Knife

Olive Groves

Dick Tate

Damon Barber (of Fleet Street)

Chuck Wagon

Ella Mental

Luke Warm

Laurie Driver (Minnie's big brother)

Hugh Briss

Penny Black

Nick O'Thyme

Joe Kerr (and his brother Wayne!)

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