Other Websites of Interest

Most links relating to this website have been artfully embedded in the prose. However, here are some more within my "bubble" that may also be of appeal to those of you who have checked out this site:

 Allmusic - huge music database packed with useful biographies, reviews and soundclips

 Discogs - user-built music database with loads of rare/obscure records listed (plus many up for sale)
 Rate Your Music - music fans submit their votes and offer often interesting comments on pop releases
 Yes It's Number One - devotees wax enthusiastically over vintage episodes of TOTP from 1976/77 re-run on BBC4
 It's Top Of The Pops - devotees wax enthusiastically over vintage episodes of TOTP from 1978 re-run on BBC4
 As Seen On TV! - vintage TOTP blogger Chris Retro turns his attention to 70's/80's budget compilation LP's
 The Lords of Lounge - Vinyl Vulture is no more but this has been salvaged from the internet archives
 Thrifty Vinyl - record reviewing blog set up (and I quote) "for the discerning cheapskate record collector"
 Forgotten Albums - amusing look at charity shop perennials rescued from their final destination: landfill
 All Vinyl Experience - a backwater in cyberspace dedicated to vinyl of the odder and off-beam variety
 Hyp Records - another exploration of the offbeat side of music, with ratings on hip, strange and exotic vinyl
 Left And To The Back - usually features rock/pop oddities but also the odd funky nugget (often downloadable)
 Space Age Pop - comprehensive guide to easy listening sounds and other esoteric delights for hepcats
 Then Play Long - in-depth reviews of every UK Number One album (an ongoing and possibly lifetime task)
 Both Sides Now - the anorak's guide to American record labels, with histories and detailed discographies
 Glitter Suits & Platform Boots - interviews with movers and shakers of the early/mid 70's UK pop scene
 A History of English Glam Rock - everything you wanted to know about truck drivers in drag
 Disco Savvy - the lowdown on disco music, broken down year by year
 Disco-Funk - another detailed disco directory devised by a dedicated disciple
 Disco-Disco - yet another extensive feature on one of the greatest musical genres ever
 Retro Trash - the home of vinyl junk: lashings of "lovelies" on naff 70's LP sleeves to titillate you
 Easy On The Eye - more cheapo/tacky albums with "dolly birds" on the front are here in all their glory
 Hit Covers - documenting the UK budget cover version LP's (many of course adorned by "crumpet")
 Top of the Pops LP's - "Hit Covers" have a separate site for the "daddy" of cheapo covers albums series
 TV Cream - affectionate if tongue-in-cheek overview of the golden age of telly progs (1960's to 1980's)
 TV Ark - brilliantly-presented online television museum with masses of clips and info
 625 - one man's fascination with the more arcane aspects of British television
 Child Of The 1980's - the decade of Thatcher, yuppies and mullets... but there was lots of good stuff too!
 Going Out - all about the early 80's cult "life on the dole" TV show: plans are afoot for a revival...
 The Bubble Burst - find out what happened to now-forgotten "slebs" after their fifteen minutes of fame
 Trash Fiction - cheap and nasty (and cult) long-out-of-print paperbacks reviewed and rated
 Thrilling Detective - all your favourite fictional gumshoes put under the magnifying glass
 The Death In the Life of Jimmy Savile - is he really the monster he's been made out to be? this blog argues otherwise

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