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Wanted: Female Vocalist

In the early 1990s I placed an ad in Melody Maker for a female vocalist to sing on my tracks. I got quite a few tapes sent to me in reply, ranging from clueless karaoke types to well-produced demos (a friend said it was worth placing the ad just to get a load of free cassettes ha ha). Unfortunately, I never really found what I was looking for, and the project was eventually abandoned. However, I kept the best of them, and here they are:

Click on the track title to listen. Please note: prohibitive costs restrict the tracks to approx 1-minute edits. Anyone interested in obtaining the full recordings, please email me.

Annie Black Do Nothing

Karen Wright I Will Give You Love

Melanie Hardy The Midas Touch

Rona Topaz Hurt

Suzy Ochyn The First Time

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