Weymouth Grammar School 19781980

Not feeling disposed to entering the "real world" (something that prevails to this day), I thought Id stay on at WGS in the sixth form just to hang out in the Common Rooms and (some may be painfully reminded here) commandeer the record deck to spin interminable disco 12 inchers at ear-splitting volume. I lasted nearly one term before finally being unceremoniously booted out by sixth form tutor Mr Jacobs, spending the next few months either on the dole or on YOP schemes before reluctantly entering the local Civil Service. 

However, ironically I got to make more friends through WGS once I had actually left the place (via the newly-discovered and mutually appreciated joys of imbibing alcohol), so still got invited to (or maybe gatecrashed) WGS-related social events. And of course along with the late lamented Woody Woodsford I had the disco setup that was engaged several times for the infamous Chickerell village hall parties. On one occasion I even managed to inveigle my way into a WGS disco despite it being strictly for current pupils only: by good fortune Woody happened to know the DJ hired for the night, so with his help I blagged a gig as a temporary "roadie", hopping on the guy's van as it arrived at the school gates, then helping lug a few bits of equipment in before spending the rest of the evening hanging out with my mates. Although I'm sure my old nemesis Mr Jacobs suspected it was contrived, there was nothing he could do about it hee hee! 

All pictures courtesy of Ross Aldridge unless credited otherwise.


Ross tells us how many birds he's "pull"ed...and what's his other hand up to?!?

John Travolta move over...

Dinger gets a dunking...

DJ Craig entertains a couple of his admirers...

new kids in town...

is that sign held aloft referring to Annie?

if proof were ever needed that 6th form uniforms shouldn't have been abolished... (photo: Paul Bishop)


put your own amusing captions to the rest:









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