Weymouth Grammar School 1973–1978

My own memories of WGS are somewhat mixed: once puberty kicked in, my relationship with most teachers became somewhat strained, exasperating them and my parents alike with my wildly erratic academic (and sporting) endeavour: in one (later) school report a teacher remarked I had “gone-off” and another followed that comment with “gone-off is most apt”. And my standing with the majority of my fellow pupils wasn’t much better: I don't recall having a close friendship with anyone in particular (another report stated “rather a loner”), and the girls were pretty much on a different planet. However, for all that I have come to realise that in that period of my life there existed a community spirit on a scale I have never really experienced since... even if it was a bit of a jungle at times!

The formal pictures here (donated by class alumni) were taken when we were in the fourth form in 1977, as part of a “Silver Jubilee Souvenir” (I’m with the Sex Pistols on that one). Unless credited, the rest are courtesy of Ross Aldridge, who had the presence of mind (in an era where unlike today informal photography was comparatively scarce) to capture many images from what is now a bygone age – thanks Ross.

Form 4P

Top row: Neil Richards/Alan Reeson/Kathryn Jones/Peta Cooknell/Alison Chalker/Joanne Sansom/Colin Budd/Craig Hosford/Jacqueline Williams

Middle row: Elizabeth Bailey/Sandra Hodgkins/Alan Goodden/Andrew Coaker/Ann Wilson/Deborah Bartlett/Robert Mears/Ian Hawkins/Rebecca Grainger/Caroline Taylor

Bottom row: Carole Harvie/Mark Sawyer/John Bridle/Sharron Dalley/Gavin Underhill/Roy Moors/Helen Turrell/Jacqueline Court

Seated: Nicholas Camp/Mr Jones/Julie Cleaver  Absent: John Jolliffe/Susan Baxter

Form 4Q

Top row: Marilyn Burgess/Mark Hurring/Thomas Rittenhouse/Paul Pitman/Diane Stevens/Spencer Bates/Julie Sansom/Karen Dunford/Shirley Dickinson

Middle row: Frances Pull/Sharon Bettesworth/Sharon Peaty/Hazel Morris/Elizabeth Kinder/Ian Hawkey/Paul Hodgkinson/Mark Jeanes/Paul Dancy

Bottom row: Sharon Ford/Jane Daker/Katharine Sheeran/Heather Jones/Sarah Crocker/Ian Taylor/David Colebrook/Michael Frost

Seated: Philip Robinson/Jacqueline Harrison/Miss Baggs/Jane Hawkins/David Greenstreet  Absent: Ross Aldridge/Graham Condell

Form 4R

Top row: Ginnette Rosewell/Paul Stone/Iain Maule/Scott Horton/Sean Hale/Christopher Gibb/Karen Britton-Jones/Jane Maddison

Middle row: Fiona Williamson/Melanie Guy/Karen Stone/Lisa Broddle/Graham Underhill/Andrew Kerley/Anne Rogers/Clair Cattell/Anne Grimwood

Bottom row: Kim Partridge/Nicholas Cook/Jonathan Lanham/Christine Knight/David Stunt/Kenneth Adnams/Susan Stansfield

Seated: Janice Backholer/Steven Cowan/Miss Taylor/Ronnie Richards/Fay Haslam  Absent: Caroline Prowse/Edward Liggins (?)

Form 4S

Top row: Stephen Duffy/Nicholas Crabb/Steven Roberts/Gillian Edmunds/Julia Bowen/Michael Arnold/Simon Jones/Colin Gilbert

Middle row: Shane McDonnell/Trudie Maskell/Sarah Moon/Lorraine Riglar/Sophia Nightingale/Lorraine Horlock/Kevin Vincent/Kim Dunford/John Vallintine

Bottom row: Vivien Silcock/Sally Corps/Karen Hawthorne/Richard Stubbs/Dawn Stembridge/Nicola Schwenk/Beverley Arnold/David Elrick

Seated: Jonathan Pullman/Lisa Scammell/Mr Archibald/Peter Shaw/Susan Palmer  Absent: Andrew Collins/Anthony Harrison

Form 4T

Top row: Catherine Cook/Cheryl Scource/Sian Ellis/Mark Kirby/Mark White/Keith Jackson/Jane Stewkesbury/Janine Barnard/Jane Bowering/Jane Hackford

Middle row: Peter Henshaw/Patrick Mulligan/Andrew Williams/David Edwards/Catherine Russell/Linda Wheeler/Lorraine MacLeish/Sandra Newton

Bottom row: Paul Bishop/Richard Pask/Timothy Norman/Martin Day/Robert Druce/David Woodsford/Sheila Squibb/Karen Burns

Seated: Lynn Robertson/Nicholas Bool/Mrs Holdsworth/Paul Steeples/Kathryn Voysey  Absent: Mark Whitty/Janice Thomson

Form 4U

Top row: Catherine Hockey/Sarah Harbige/Matthew Dukes/Michael Palmer/Bernard Piggott/Martin Hendriks/Myriam Hendriks/Sally Cheeseman

Middle row: Karen Toleman/Karen Wise/Eilidh Boudella/Jacqueline Crowley/Martin Cable/Brian Gay/Andrew Hunt/Sarah Cull/Tracy Jeffries/Bernadette Patterson

Bottom row: Jane Powell/Elizabeth Horton/Frances Symonds/Elaine Carlton/Jacqueline Evans/Stuart Poynton/Andrew Hansford/Russell Lilley/Nicholas Plunkett

Seated: Paula Atkinson/Steven Ellard/Mr Radmall/Deborah Dodge/Neil Coleman  Absent: Simon Blundell/Suzanne Long (?)



backstage mayhem at the Pavilion... hey, isn't that me in there somewhere?

Adidas bags a go go

Q boys c.1974: such nice young boys...

Q boys c.1978: not so young, not so nice...?

the Andy Williams fan club (photo: Jane Bowering)

hard nuts rool OK! (photo: Jane Bowering)

hard nuts at the back

a variation on "jumpers for goalposts"

just good friends?

Syd: Ouch - these pebbles are pretty painful to walk on!

Iech: Yeah, but at least nobody can kick sand in our faces... 


put your own amusing captions to the rest:






photo: Jane Bowering






spot the swots!



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