Welcome to my site which is mainly devoted to my lifelong obsession with music, be it as an activist, an analyst or simply an aficionado. You may have arrived here as a fellow enthusiast, or perhaps because you have known or even collaborated with me in the past, in which case you may actually be featured on this site yourself. Regardless of being acquainted with me or not, I hope you find one or more of the features below worthy of perusal:

Jack… A musical odyssey 1978-20??
The Lighthouse Keepers - A retrospective 1994-2004
Coffin-Dodger Renegades - Bournemouth beat 1978-1988
Funk amongst the Junk - 1970's soul/disco compilations
The Vinyl Countdown - 100 records (& 1 CD) reviewed
 White Men Can't Funk  - Honkies try to get fonky
Baggy Trousers - WGS 73-78-80
Bits and Pieces - Other stuff not featured above

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